Houses for Sale in Ontario – 2022 Blog Recap

houses for sale in ontario

December is almost over! And, that means that 2023 is right around the corner. In lieu of the end of the year, we decided to write a year-end recap of all of our blog content about houses for sale in Ontario from 2022! This way you can catch up on all of our buying, selling, and building tips from the past twelve months. In this article, we will be providing you with a quick summary of each article starting in January and ending in November. Continue reading below to see what we posted on our blog during 2022!

Winter and Spring Blog Recap.

Jan – Real Estate in Ontario in 2022

Finding real estate in Ontario at the beginning of the year was tricky. Especially, if you were looking for something affordable. The trends in real estate in Ontario were certainly frightening for some. In this article, we went through predictions, Canada’s real estate stats, and what Ontario’s housing market looked like at the beginning of 2022.

Feb – Ontario Houses For Sale This Spring!

A good spring cleaning can add serious market value to your property. Check out this post where we went through some of the reasons why you should take the time to clean your home before listing it in the spring!

Mar – Ontario Real Estate: Cooling-off or Heating Up?

During March, we wrote an article that went over what buyers and sellers should expect going into the busy season of the real estate market. Here we discussed the lack of inventory at the beginning of the year and how it would affect people’s real estate goals. 

Apr – Why Buy Ontario Luxury Real Estate?

Buying Ontario luxury real estate might not seem worth it at first glance. However, a luxury property can be one of the most stable and lucrative assets in your investment portfolio. There are several reasons why people choose to buy high-end real estate. Learn more about the benefits of owning Ontario luxury real estate in this comprehensive post!

May – The Pros of Building Homes in Ontario.

Many people prefer buying to building, but it is important to look at the benefits and drawbacks of both scenarios. Check out this article to determine what option is best for you and your family going forward!

Summer and Fall Houses for Sale in Ontario Blog Recap.

June – Things to Know Before Building Ontario Luxury Homes.

Most first-time home builders often miss key things that affect the livability of their homes in the future. This is why we’ve put together a list of things to consider when you begin the discussion of building a home.

July – The Cost of Houses in Ontario Remains Too Steep.

In July, houses in Ontario continued to be out of reach for many buyers, despite some cuts in prices. The real estate market in Ontario had reached a standstill, as many buyers demanded that prices needed to drop further. 

Aug – Choosing the Right Property for Sale in Ontario.

One of the most important parts of your home-building journey is finding the right property for sale in Ontario. A great lot will set you up for success and ensure that you love your property once the build is complete.

Sept – London Attractions in Ontario!

Finding new favourite attractions and activities is a great way to discover all that London has to offer. From parkland to amusement rides, there’s something for every family member. In this article, we went through some of the top attractions in Ontario.

Oct – Building a Family Home on an Ontario Property for Sale!

Constructing your own house is a dream for many individuals. However, it is important to build your home with the future in mind. In this article, we went over all of the things you need to consider when designing your home.

Nov – Prepping Real Estate for Sale in Ontario for the Holidays

Prepping real estate for sale in Ontario for the holiday season can be a lot. But, if you begin ahead of schedule, you can minimize holiday-related stress. In this article, we went over our best tips for getting your home ready for the holidays!

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