Ontario Luxury Property for Sale FAQ!


When listing your Ontario luxury property for sale, lots of questions can arise. Especially, if it doesn’t sell right away. In general, most homeowners are more familiar with the buying process than the selling process. This can make it difficult to navigate through selling your home. If you are planning to list your property on the market, it is crucial that you have a good understanding of what to expect. To help you out, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions we receive from sellers. From when the best time to sell is, to how you should ready your home, we’ve got you covered. Follow along below to learn more!

Seller FAQ: Ontario Luxury Property for Sale

  • Do I Need to Use an Estate Agent?

Anyone can sell their home without using an estate agent. This is known as an FSBO (for sale by owner) listing. Going the FSBO route comes with its pros and cons. For instance, if you sell your home without an agent you won’t need to pay any commission on your sale. However, selling without an agent requires that you handle negotiations, marketing, showings and closing the sale on your own. This may not seem like much at first, but it can quickly become time-consuming. In addition, many homeowners often have trouble pricing their home correctly which can result in either a loss of profit or your home sitting on the market for too long. 

  • How Should I Prepare My Home?

Before selling your home, it’s important that you take the time to prepare the interior and the exterior. This means finishing any incomplete renovations, thoroughly cleaning, re-painting if needed, landscaping, decluttering and organizing the home. By spending some time cleaning and freshening up your home, it will be all the more attractive to buyers.

  • Should I Have Professional Photos Taken?

Professional listing photos aren’t necessary, but they are heavily recommended. Especially, if you want the best chance of selling your home fast and for the best price. In today’s market, most buyers start their search for real estate online. So, it’s essential that your listing photos fully capture the beauty of your home. A professional photographer will have the skills and expertise to ensure that your home is photographed to show off its best features. We cannot stress enough the importance of good listing photos! You can find more information about how to prepare your home for a photo shoot in our article titled: “Prepping Luxury Properties in Ontario for Listing Photos”.

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  • What Does it Cost to Sell My Home?

Just like buying a home, it is a good idea to make a home-selling budget. There aren’t as many costs to account for when selling your home compared to buying. However, a good spreadsheet never hurt anyone. In your budget, you should consider costs like prepping (painting, landscaping, repairs, renovations, etc), legal fees, commissions, and possibly a mortgage penalty. Many of these costs can be reduced by doing the preparation yourself.

  • Should I Buy or Sell First?

This is a question that sellers often wrestle with since both choices come with their own extremes. At the end of the day, it comes down to what result you are more comfortable with. For instance, if you sell your home before finding a new home to buy, you risk not having a place to move into. This could mean having to rent or stay with friends and family. And, you’ll also need to consider where your belongings will stay until you find a new home. On the other hand, if you buy before you sell, you risk having to pay two mortgage payments. Be sure to evaluate the pros and cons of both options and determine which is best for you. 

  • Why Isn’t My House Selling?

There are a number of reasons why homes don’t sell. From poor listing photos to not using an agent, every situation is different. Be sure to contact a professional if you find that your home is taking forever to sell. Sometimes it can just come down to the wrong pricing or timing!

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Selling your home is just as big of a deal as buying a new home. It is important that you take the time to understand the selling process before listing your Ontario luxury property for sale. If you have any additional questions about selling homes in Ontario, contact us today. For more information on buying and selling in the area, reach out to one of our trusted team members. Be sure to check out our Instagram page here for the latest updates and more. We’d be happy to help you find an awesome high-end property in Ontario. Feel free to reach out to us at any time, we look forward to working with you soon!